Darius Steward, Contemporary Artist

Darius Steward, Contemporary Artist

Darius Steward, Contemporary ArtistDarius Steward, Contemporary ArtistDarius Steward, Contemporary Artist

(b. 1984) is known for his figurative works on paper and for his public outreach through murals. 

About Me


Showing This Fall

  • Moving On, Opening September, 2019, at Bonfoey Gallery in Association with Thomas French Fine Art
  • America's Well Armed Militias, Opening August 2019 at SPACES
  • seenUNseen, Opening September 2019. Artist Archives of the Western Reserve.
  • Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Library Street Collective partnership installation, All In, Baggage Claim. 
  • Minneapolis Institute of Art Print and Drawing Fair, October 3-5.

Watercolor for the Podcast, Serial. Contemporary American Artist

My Background

Steward, a native of East Cleveland, OH isn’t one for nostalgia, but rather the power of the present. As a young child (5, 6, and 7) he began honing his craft and artistic career, drawing the popular TV Series’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mortal Kombat. Growing up in a rough neighborhood Steward learned the power of imagery and laments that life had little shock value left. With the events of 9/11 his perception of popular culture and current reality, specifically the intrinsic entertainment-based value of the media further evolved. In 11th grade at Cleveland School of the Arts he began exploring his voice and addressing social based issues and the impact of popular culture and the media.  



I paint with watercolor on Yupo or Twinrocker paper to achieve stark whiteness against my saturated subjects. I also often use my subject's metaphorically to address what is going on culturally.  Each and every person I paint is a stand in for myself or for the community. I use watercolor portraiture and my large murals to bring a voice to social injustices which are going on in the world.