• Stolen Moments:
  • Babies Taking Care of Babies: This series was born when 
  • Our Separated (Segregated) Selves
  • MORE?
  • Choices (Push and Pull)  was commissioned and featured in the Serial Podcast, Season Three, Episode Three, Misdemeanor, Meet Mr. Lawsuit. The mural is of 2 boys, from different angles, Pushing and Pulling each other in different directions and is a reaction to the feelings Steward had reading the script and his life.   
  • Breaker of Chains: A 200ft long mural on the Inner Belt Bridge, Cleveland, OH celebrating the city's cultural diversity. “The first thing my son did was grab the fence and a few other kids grabbed the fence’ ‘my original plan got thrown out’ and I imagined ‘how these gates kind of hold us back or these things are alike, these obstacles we have to break down to get to a better place.’ ‘A whole bunch of things were happening with DACA at the same time. My understanding or my thought process on this was if I can somehow create this image that starts from one kid looking outside this gate to all these people gathering to help break these barriers down, to be a better community.’ ‘So it starts as one kid holding the fence and then you see multiple people from different races, different backgrounds, different age groups all kind of collecting and slowly that gate starts to disappear and eventually what you get is groups of people mingling and socializing together.’ ‘So the idea is bridging the gap, building a community where we all feel safer and can coexist. That’s what this image is about.’
  • Baggage Claim: A series in which Steward memorializes Rhonda V, his mother, and is a series that Steward plans on revisiting throughout his career. It is a tribute to the grace and style his mother had while putting her best foot forward in untenable times. Saying, “Hey, I have baggage too. Maybe we’re not as different as we think.” Each work in this series is signed in her name, Rhonda V and features several metaphorical subjects. Baggage which we all carry throughout life. Recognizing her son’s talent, Rhonda worked multiple jobs to provide for her family and tirelessly cared for and nurtured Darius’ interest.
  • Read the Signs
  • Scratching the Surface
  • Bac n 4th


  • "Waiting Room" Summa Health, Akron, OH 2019.
  • "Is this inviting?" Part of Read the Signs. Tri C, Metro Campus. Cleveland, OH 2018.
  • Choices (Push and Pull), featured in Season 3, Episode 3 of Serial Podcast 2018.
  • Support,  Buehner's Office Supply Company on 5818 Detroit Avenue. 2018.
  • Breaker of Chains, Inner Belt Bridge, Cleveland, OH 2018.
  • Read the Signs, Bac N 4th, GCRTA Red Line, Cleveland, OH 2016.